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Blow Out is NOT Just a Hair Style

The Blow Out (insert large sigh) not once, not twice, but three times! We are consistent with how we clean the screen, with the application of emulsion, and we are ever so particular about light sensitivity and handling. If you know nothing about screen printing, then this is Greek to you, but I welcome everyone to hear the story of the struggle and the story of the wins. We have watched and studied these steps over and over. We have burned screens countless times with success. Is this T shirt not meant to be!?! Is the universe telling me to not put this T shirt out for view and purchase!?! Is this T shirt controversial, will it anger some, and energize others. Yes!! But it’s something I am passionate about and my hopes are those that will love it, do just that. I also hope those that don’t agree, may find something else that we create and embrace that without sending hatred and negative vibes to our family owned business.

The above being said, if anyone out there knows a thing or two about screen printing and would like to offer out your advise, we are all ears. The First Screen - I burned the screen, turned on the pressure washer and started spraying. It’s like the old Polaroid images. You can slowly see the image coming to life. There is one little spot, one. I say to my husband there is this one spot on the “A” I can’t get out. He goes in to save the day. My hero. For most times in our relationship this is complete truth. For this image, not so much. Screen blown (which is when more then the image comes out, likes blobs of missing emulsion). The Second Screen - My husband goes to YouTube for guidlance all the time. Soak the screen awhile he says, it helps he says. Ok let’s give it a try. What he didn’t say was soak it for a short time. As I am multitasking and designing other shirts for special orders, I forget, forget that the screen is soaking! Blow out number two. Emulsion is too soft. The Third Screen - This time I am confident. Burn the screen, soak it, time the soak, and let’s turn on the pressure washer. Blow out number three and the worst blow out of all. Beaten down and frustrated is an understatemen. Not only is the whole process from start to finish time consuming, but the cleaning products and emulsion are money down the drain, without positive results.

“I will survive....” starts playing in my head as I am writing this blog and I will take this as a sign from the universe to keep plugging along.

Off to work... STAY TUNED

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