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The Beginning of Creation

To say that the beginning of this dream, to create this business has been smooth sailing, would be a half truth. Do you ever ask your friends who own their own business, "How are things going?", and their answers are "Great", "We are up from last year at this time", and "Good, we are expanding". I am not here to pull the wool over your eyes. One-I am allergic to wool (sorry couldn't help myself) Two-I will be painfully honest with you every step of the way. We are a small business, trying to branch out into the screen printing and design world, and everything we do, goes back into the business. We are proud to be working on our dream, out of our home, where we can spend time with our daughter and still work on our dreams. My husband runs a brick and mortar store and is there six days a week and I work outside of the home in the medical field. We have two adult children and a ten year old girl who is in every activity known to man. We are carving out time for everything that our hearts dream of, with in reason. We have goals and we have dreams.

We are hoping you come along with us on this new journey. I will post our struggles as well as our success and I invite you to laugh, cheer, and maybe even cry with us a long the way.

Welcome to Trifecta Screen & Design!

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